Watch Love Grow Seed Packets!


This listing is for a pack of 50!

I can do a pack of 10, 20,30,40, even 100 if needed but prices will be all different. so if you need 100 buy two of these.

If you need less message me or email me and i’ll be delighted to get a new listing up for you.

These come custom made. On white card stock, or the kraft paper as shown in photo.

I will custom make the design and then prink on the paper and cut out for you. These all come unassembled so a little assembly is required for these. I just got glued these together as it held better after putting seeds in the package.

I would wait and make sure they are all dry and leave them inside of a heavy book. Then the next day or a few hours later you can stuff them with the seeds and wax seal the back. or just hot glue them shut.. and put a stamp or stick on the back.

All very simple. I can make matching stickers if needed. I do not own or make wax seals, the one in photo was from my sisters wedding. She bought a custom wax stamper.

Any questions feel free to ask! Thank you!

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