Safety Care Instruction Cards


These are care instructions to send with your handmade coffee cups, cups, water bottles, and so on. So that the new owner knows how to handle the cups, and know what not to do to them.
To know how to keep the glitter or decal in tacked.

Simply just slip one of these into the handmade cup and off it goes to the new owner. And the new owner will then know how to take care of there new cup!

All info on cups can be edited as needed.
But will remain the same size.

You will get 40 pieces of card stock cups!

These measure around 2-3 in for all cups.

They come in the shape of a coffee cup.

You can pick between any color paper!
I currently have pink and yellow as a example.
And made up.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out the items in my shop. Come back again!

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